Rules "we" ummmm live by...

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Raining Chaos is an active raiding guild, and like any active raiding community, there is need for solid rules and systems in order for it to function on a long term basis. Below are some of the basic guidelines that we expect our members to live by. The goal of these rules is not to restrict us or hinder our freedoms; indeed, they are in place with the spirit of ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy and enrich their WoW experience.

I. Basic Raiding Rules: In order for any raid to be effective, good teamwork and the ability to follow instructions without question are of the absolute imperative. If something goes wrong, it should be because the raid leader made a mistake or miscalculation, not because someone failed to follow directions or pay attention. While jokes and other banter are encouraged in the RCchat channel, when the raid leader calls for silence/attention, we expect just that to happen. Those that break the rules will be warned, and then expelled from the raid. A second offense will ultimately end with the offending member being banned permanently from the guild.

II. An adventurous spirit: As a guild, it will be expected of us to have a desire to explore new areas and try things that might seem suicidal. We will push our limits and more than likely, die, very often. Members must not be afraid to do something just because it is known that we will probably lose. Only through adversity will we rise to meet our great potential.

III. Internal Issues: Problems that members have with each other should be worked out between those members privately, and not in the guild channel. If a moderator is necessary, the guild leader and its officers will be there to discuss the problem with the parties involved. Under NO circumstances are guild members to address another guild member in a hateful or slanderus way in the guildchat channel.

IV. Dealing with others: While we understand that people will have the occasional spat with someone from outside of the guild, our members must keep in mind that while out in the public, they are representing not just themselves, but the very name of Raining Chaos. In lieu of this, we expect people to show a certain level of restraint when posting on forums, and when dealing with conflict from those outside the guild. The best option, when someone is being abrasive, is to put them on ignore, rather than fuel the cyclical drama of an argument.

V. Regular Raiding: We raid regularly, almost every day, usually 3-4 times a week. We expect our members to be able and willing to raid with us on a regular basis. While we don't expect fanatic devotion, and understand that the real world will have its complications, it is generally understood that raiding frequently is what we do, and if at all possible, prior notice should be given before missing a raid.