Normal Mode DW downed

Jan 20 we got Deathwing down on 10 normal in a guild run so we now have heroic unlocked but to be honest I think most of you still need practice not shitting the bed in normals. :P 10 of us got in there and cleaned his clock. I think the fight will be a bit easier in 25 man cause of the multitude of raid wide CD's we will be able to make use of. We lucked out in that we had a good amount of raid wides in the group.

 All that being said about him being easier we need to get past the spine which will depend alot on the corruption dps group not over burning them to drop the grips. In 10 man it was somewhere in the 15-18% range and it would drop the grips, the group needs to hit that mark and we need people around them not doing any aoe damage, we have to limit the amount of amalgs we get that phase. Though it isn't just them, everybody needs to step it up as well.

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