Site Update, Oh-My

   Been a very insanely long time indeed since the main page has seen an update. I can almost now say I've put up with QQ on the page for years =) lol. Well done RC, we've held our way through this expansion in utmost form as always. You continue to persevere with the ups and downs as we always do. Many have come and gone. To our long term raiders who have departed for a RL break or altogether, I tip my hat. You always know where to find us should the bug return, the door will always be open. 

   To our newest raiders in the RC family, welcome aboard, we certainly are a strange bunch but having fun while progressing and providing a laid back environment is always utmost in our minds. Well done RC and keep steam rolling, we smoked the opening content of Cat with skill and ease. There was alot of patience needed at times but it always pays off with us coming out on top. Same goes for Firelands, though lots of challenges we managed to knock a VERY significant section down prior to Blizz pushing any nerfs down the pipe.

   Keep up the fantastic work! This main page does need to be updated more frequently and on regular basis (heck poor recruits must wonder WTF). So we'll be looking into a way to hand out a bit more to anyone who would like to update it long as you behave please lol. Feel free to message me if interested!

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