Fall of Heroic LK 25 (Catching up....it's Warg's original post!!) lol

So lets get one thing out of the way.  This update came alot sooner than you all expected (assuming Heid actually does something with this write up in the next month).  It is 3:20 server time on Thursday May the 6th, the day after we killed the Lich King.  I can barely express the level of relief this has provided...  Allow me to explain. 
Heid and I as you all know work for a bank, the largest bank in Canada and one of the largest in the world.  This bank demands great effort from us, so much so that it allows us to have microsoft comunicator on our computers.  This is where the magic happens folkes.   And by magic I do not mean Heid and I make up the strats for our encounters, go over game plans, advise each other of raiders we've received absence notices from.... no we do that with email because there is more room for text.  By magic I mean it is where we spend about 1 hour each day venting about everything that is "guild leadership".   If it were not for these vent sessions, RC would not exist.  Because you all would have left the guild due to this bickering happening out loud on Vent..... that is until my trip to Toronto where the venting would have stopped forever because I would have killed Heid in his own house.   Thankfully, we get paid to vent about all of this, 1 hour a day, and remain friends.
Thank you all so much for hanging in there and getting us our Lick King kill.   We were on edge... trust me, we hated beating our heads against that wall as much as you did.  The only thing that got us through it was the fact that this was far from the first time..... and far from the hardest encounter we have struggled against.   Thanks again for stepping, putting up, and when wanting to react to us giong crazy on vent, shutting up.
Since the last update, we have had many changes as usual.  I want to highlight a big one which was the return of Roosterr to RC.  Now in case some of you don't know, Roosterr and RC go WAY back.   As far back as possible actually.   What came first the rooster or the egg?  I mean the chicken or the egg?  well if Rooster is a chicken and RC is an egg, then the Rooster came first.....errr......the chicken?.......  ok Roosterr was a founding member of RC and we are both happy and relieved to have him back (I'm only 2 beer into this and starting to worry).
Below you will find some screen shots compliments of Heid.  Relish in our victories and really think back on some of them... The ship battle for instance...  I hope you all smile and laugh about the fact that what keeps us ranked higher than all those guilds with the same level of progression as us, is that we got the "on a boat" achievement the very first time we did it.  Why smile? BECAUSE IT HAPPENED BY MISTAKE.  In usual RC fashion, ignorance and lack of preparation lead to excellence.
So in closing I want to say this RC.  And I mean this as affectionately as possible.   "I don't like ya, but I'll keep ya".

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