The weekend of the 13th was a pretty uneventful one for our guild however still productive. Friday night was full of LBRS (and a few crazy guildies stayed up till insane hours in DM) in the hopes of equipping the UBRS key on a few guildies. We had a this one hunter who decided to fall asleep @ the keyboard and let his pet cause an aggro mess....who was that again? Well no names will be mentioned .....for now =P As well gratz go out to Blinxx on his aquisition of a Krol Blade!

We will be scheduling ZG for this coming Friday, the 20th of January, beginning at 8pm server time. Hopefully all will be online and ready to form up arround 7:50pm. If you can't make it by 8 please tell an officer who will notify me, if need be there's no problem with tardiness as we'll forwarn anyone we pick up extra they are only keeping a seat warm till u log on, already have u covered Millana ;)

Roster page will be wrapped up this week and we are going to begin scheduling raids on a to be determined daily basis for all to keep ya outta those nasty non-guild pugs. Stay tuned for more information.

Have fun peeps and we'll catcha in there!