Welcome to the official Raining Chaos Website! Though still in rough shape it's a new beginning to the next chapter in our history. We're a growing guild with our eyes set straight on becoming MC material though we accept all races and levels to into the folds.

Multiple alliances formed with other guilds has given us the oppertunity to give a go @ ZG, though as demonstrated we still have alot of work ahead of us but are more than up to the task. The nitty gritty rules concerning DKP and establishing permanent raid schedules will be coming in the next few weeks, till that is in place we plan on pumping up the the builds of those who currently run with our pack. One by one you each make us stronger and contribute to the whole, that we shall never forget. So please if u'd like to research some armor / attain a goal using thottbot or allakhazam let an officer know and we'll form a run for you.

Posts by our other illustrious leaders and officers to the site will be coming shortly and if you have something to let the guild know here by all means send myself a message containing ur message and i'll post it. Forums are still in the works for now, you half to be patient with me as i seem to be the only one webwise who semi knows what he's doin hence my lack of presence this past week =P

Changes to the site will be great and many over the next few days as i finalize some tweaks / improvements but providing u with something to firstly call all your own was my top priority.

It's my hopes u all enjoy, may your spells cast un-interupted, your swords cut deep and your heals rejuvinate Rahjin....less we die a righteous death. Have fun kids and i'm coming home again on a more permanent basis soon!



P.S. Quiji don't make me kick ur *#@!*