Dear Lord!

Ladies and Gents!

SURPRISE! It's been a month and I updated the website! WOOHOO! But it truly is a worthwhile update with what's been accomplished over the past month. IMO one of the greatest events was Domo's friends going down like a sack of bricks. The fight was co-ordinated beautifully, everyone was focused, and the calls timed perfectly. Awesome job to all present. 3 deaths compared to all our previous attempts is a hella improvement! And thank you guys for letting Heid start the encounter……not that you don’t owe me for the weekly mockery that I am on TS =Þ lol j/k.

Then came the big guy, we all got to see Rag up front and personal right after he smoked that poon Domo. 65% on the first encounter with him rocks guys! Then just this weekend after 2 attempts we had the bugger to 35%!?! I know we have it in us to take him down, might be a few more wipes in the process but hey it's how we learn and move to all new levels.

Now for the oddity of the past few weeks.....Tiger boss. Oddity because neither Omega nor myself can put our fingers on exactly what happened the first time we found the exploit. Couple of things were done a tad different then the last time, altogether it was really weird that dude now resets continuously...and one time we couldn't get rid of him nor his adds all the way back to the panther entrance!

Hot DamN!?!

 Allo PeepS!

Hey, hey! Yes indeeds Heid is a slacka...with a capital "S" =Þ. I know the site hasn't seen an update in quite sometime and I've been hounded by many of you to finally do it. Thanks to Edguardo (who finally stopped humping enough legs to talk with me) and Gala....fine I'll update while WoW is down lol.

SO we have made such huge leeps and bounds over our, "once upon a time in Molten Core days" I don't know how to express it. Just so much damn progress!! Our new-found alliance with GoT is going very very well and weekly we continue to exceed the expectations of all. DKP is in place now and coming along nicely, hopefully I can start to have a much more solid attendance of my own for more!!! We of the high council are soooooo damn proud of you all for keeping a straight head, following plans, giving it your all only to reap the rewards! I realize it isn't Draygo nor myself barking out the orders and laying the groundwork for fights but thank you all for coming together under different leadership.

Holy Smokes!?!

Heya Peeps!!!

Well, well, well.....yes Heid is a procrastinator on the old updates. So much upheaval and settling down again has occured over the past 3 weeks with momentous events we shall all never forget and a few we'd rather leave behind. Let me say thank you for remaining the strong family that we are and hopefu- lly with everything that's past we've galvanized all that is Raining Chaos into something tempered of the rarest ores in Azeroth.

We went to MC finally! And we did it as a family more importantly. 2 runs into the bowls that are Azeroth with times and strategies established to propel us forward. Our fates with regards to MC are on the shady side at this time, though rest assured from new alliances and friends it's only going to be a short while before we return strong in numbers and knowledge. No more PUG MC for RC ever again, when we return it'll be with friends @ out sides not strangers.

Merry Christmas !?!?

Yes you read the headline right, no need to look twice, but we'll get to that in a moment or two. First off i'd like to thank all of you for a really strong attendance on Friday's ZG run, we did amazing. Snake boss is now something we have down pact as well demonstrated taking him out on the first attempt.....and yes Rudey you took him down a whole 1% all by yourself =P , i acknowledge it & give you props, gj! Alicilia and Quijibo (<--- you still suck ) gratz on your first run with the big kids hehe. You remained cool, calm and collected the whole run, awesome job guys. Unfortunately the dino boss is truly proving to be a problem we need stronger strategy to take down. Dude is "insane stupid" I believe someone called him on Friday and after approx 4 encounters on Friday then at least another 6 on Saturday (though still not beaten) we've got a pretty solid strategy which appears to be working and I'm more then confident we'll take him down this Friday coming.

The Dawn of things to come!

Though attendance was low and a few tardy in making an appearance, Raining Chaos had another first along our long road to teamwork, co-ordination and truly establishing our presence within Cenarius. Both High Priestess Jeklik and High Priest Venoxis met their ends within our more than capable hands. Phat lewts included Primal Hakkari Bindings X 2,

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