Red Dawn over Karazhan

Sharpen your blades,

And so ladies and gents, with the arrival of BC comes a new dawn for RC once more. Let me begin this update by thanking you all for the dedication and teamwork you exhibit on a daily basis.

3 Months WTF! (Bite me)

Allo Allo!

Alright so the nit picking finally got to me, you all have Wargen, Sylvin, Omega and Draygo to thank for this update. No i wasn't shooting for a 3 month marker before update, just been farming / alting to make enough cash for raiding (well at least that's what i'm going to tell myself =Þ)

So we've seen some massive leaps and strides in our battles within Azeroth, check out some of the pics below for a few whom are now on our hit list with a big fat red x over their names. The leadership on both sides wants you to know just how proud we are of all the things accomplished. Your commitment, dedication and skills has propelled us into near record breaking completions with some beautiful phat lewt for all to gaze upon.

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