The Frozen Throne Awaits

(Originally posted by Veii)

Yes, it's been a while since there's been a website update. So, let's get started. Venturing into Ulduar and moving on to great success in Trial of the Grand Crusader, RC has made awesome progress these past few months. Congratulate yourselves on the great job you've done, you have all come a long ways since we left behind Naxx and it shows by your success in…

From BT to 3D

(Originally posted by Warg)

Well folks as promised, time for an update. It’s been so long, where to begin? Well the “Big Fella” did fall, several times and we closed out Burning Crusade exactly the way we wanted to. People were burnt out, the RL stick was once again thrown in RC’s spokes but we managed to finish strong. We’ll make sure to include a screen shot of Illadin's first death. Hopefully Dark Empire hasn’t copyrighted the images of their member as there will be several in that pic….

Salsa dancing FTW!

Soooooooo ya poked, proded, screamed, hollared and STILL there was no update. Then one quiet Sat morning, coffee & smokes in hand, Heid decides to sneak one over on you all hehe. Congratz peepz you have BURNED through content efficiently and with the skill Blizzard created it for. Following this post will be an crap ton of pics lol.

RC is almost there guys, we've got council sitting before us followed by the big guy himself, Illidan. We're moving farther then anyone ever gave us credit for. Things have been rough over the summer months with regards to attendance and tenured raiders deciding to retire, but thanks to our new RC family members the push has remained strong regardless of how tedious and boring some of the material has become. Council and officers would like to thank you all for your commitment and drive in making this happen.

I'm gonna leave my blah blah blah @ that, there's a strat to finsh polishing on council and still pics for me to add on here, thanks again peepz and NEVER STOP PUSHING!

Kicking ass and taking names!

Lol uhhhh yeah it’s been a REALLY long time since I’ve updated this page altogether, good number of screenshots to follow on this post. So what’s RC been up to?? You damn well all know, OWNG SSC & TK!

We’ve taken down Vashj which was a huge accomplishment in and of itself. The co-ordination and team work sector of RC got a massive boost learning that fight, which in the end took us all the way back to TK with the death of Kael. Lo and behold that evening, not only our first kill, but the first public broadcast of the super secret, underground murloc sound (now recorded for posterity sake, sorry Warg, Cas has it on his iPhone and I laugh my ass off every time).

Once upon a time the officers had a discussion, how long was it gonna take us to reach this point, Heid made his estimate mid to late February, AND U BLOODY DID IT. Few weeks late but hell be damned the determination was behind it all.

And the winner is!?!?

Hey peepz, a huge congratz goes out to all of you from the officers and high council on all the accomplishments over the past 3 week. THREE bosses in 3 weeks, absolutely amazing work and co-ordination has gone into this effort.

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