Bring your A Game

I want to start this out with a quick note that I know many of you know what you are doing but we do have a few players that could use a brush up on some things for their class, or for your alts that can go months between playing and need relearning on how to not suck.

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Ultraxion Down

Very nicely done all, seems you all ate your fiber today and tightened your shit up from the day before :D

 P.S. shot is on the boat cause Ultraxion's body goes away when dead and we didn't think to take a shot with the chest till it had despawned :D

Happy New Year

Happy New Year all


May your next year be better than you last and may you stick to whatever silly resolution you made while in a drunken stupor. Mine was to not get trolled by Torq and I failed already. :(

Site Update, Oh-My

   Been a very insanely long time indeed since the main page has seen an update. I can almost now say I've put up with QQ on the page for years =) lol. Well done RC, we've held our way through this expansion in utmost form as always. You continue to persevere with the ups and downs as we always do. Many have come and gone. To our long term raiders who have departed for a RL break or altogether,…

Fall of Heroic LK 25 (Catching's Warg's original post!!) lol

So lets get one thing out of the way.  This update came alot sooner than you all expected (assuming Heid actually does something with this write up in the next month).  It is 3:20 server time on Thursday May the 6th, the day after we killed the Lich King.  I can barely express the level of relief this has provided...  Allow me to explain. 
Heid and I as you all know work for a bank,…

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