The 5%

Should be this week we see “Power of the Aspects” going live. This will mean the health and damage dealt of all enemies in Dragon Soul is reduced by 5%. With that in mind we need another week like last were we had a wait list that way we can kick Deathwing in the Gland :D

 This Nerf does not mean you are allowed to slack off, we still need you all striving for your peak dps and hps especially…

Warmaster Blackhorn 23 manned

 We brought the piss and vinegar and knocked his herbivorous teeth out and we did it with 23 people again. On that note if your a raider and you are not gonna be able to make a raid send Heid a ingame mail or even Forum PM letting him know so he can plan accordingly. Not doing so makes everybody else end up waiting around hoping you show up. Don't be a douch, leave a message.

Ultraxion 23 Manned

No clue what our excuse was last week but for thoes of you that were absent we had 23 people on and 3 attempts later we had him on the ground begging for the sweet release of death which we promptly provided. Working on boat next, if we can muster up the same piss and vinegar for boat we should shortly see Warmaster Blackhorn in a heap of bones and sinew that we can tbag for fun and profit.

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