First Week of April is a Rest Week

Bunch of stuff going on RL for a bunch of people so the officers called next week off as a rest week. Catch some sleep, do something fun and come back the week after strong and ready to kill shit in the face :D

Heroic Morecock Down

Gratz all on the Kill. Most of you brought your A games and those that didn't brought at least their B game *coff*heid*coff*. Duct won the tabard roll and here is our new tabard :)

DW and Spine Kills

NJ all on the Deathwing kill everybody. We made progress every attempt till we got him down, very nice job. Also here is the shot from our spine kill. Sad times on these bosses, all of them go away after they die and we loot, we keep forgetting that :D

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